Don’t Let Foot Pain Stop You!

The Papanui Foot Clinic has some of Christchurch’s leading Podiatry experts with a large number of happy clients and a high referral rate.

“The Human foot is a masterpiece of Engineering and a work of Art”
- Leonardo da Vinci

With a thorough understanding of the foot, the Papanui Foot Clinic caters to people of all ages and backgrounds, for the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of foot, ankle and leg conditions. We treat children, young professionals, recreational athletes, elite sports people and those in their golden years.

We help with heel, foot, leg and knee pain, in-grown toenails, arch and ankle pain, corn and callous removal, toenail cutting, bunions plus diabetic foot management. We have often been described as professional, yet relaxed, a place where people feel well cared for and comfortable.

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Papanui Foot Clinic
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